Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Rediscovering our nature within Nature

Some may wonder what possessed us to move from a bustling city to a small, quiet town in rural Ontario. Well, it has proven to be an unfolding process for sure, and each day we
discover more reasons that support why we made this trek. After what felt like many life-times lived, we had searched for a place that would best represent the values we had gleaned over the decades. Always naturalists at heart, we had yearned for a forest in the Canadian Shield where wild things could flourish, and wherein we could have the honour of observing, painting, photographing, and enjoying the natural world in its sentient state. And, as lovers of the Socratic dialogue, we wanted to share our joys and truths with those of common interests.
A country bed and breakfast situated in wild nature seemed ideal. When we first walked the property that was to become Blue Maples, we knew we had found something special. The Nature was wild and overwhelming; the residence ethereal and beautiful to behold. Much
love had built this home in the forest, and I knew I could write here. Thoughts were put to pen, visions of possible futures sketched. I say possible because, at that time, it was not evident how these thoughts could ever become relevant, let alone be captured in a book worth reading, or in a nature venture worth sharing. Also unbeknownst to me at that time, would be the unexpected death of my partner, and that our son and I would have to continue our life journey without him.
Time spent in silent reflection in the forest can help heal one from profound loss. I suppose my inner nature is one of hope and optimism, similar to the new seedlings that
break forth in spring, despite dying every winter.  In time, a website was written with words and pictures born from the dream that we had shared so long ago. A Bed and Breakfast on a somewhat smaller scale also took form.

This Blog will be an ongoing tribute to a host of people, animals, birds, bugs and odd critters that have made our reality so rich and full of natural wonder. Some posts will focus on the health of trees and the role of intact forests and climate change, or on the comings and goings of our forest wildlife and beautiful birds. A few posts will interview some of the wonderful people involved in wildlife rehabilitation and forest restoration, while others will feature significant artists, writers or scientists who seem to have the virtue of a special vision that speaks to our collective soul.

And last but not least, a few posts may be akin to a rant at the Philosophers' Pub - ably refereed by our girl of the barrow - Stella the Toad. 

We hope you will enjoy our adventures, as we rediscover our nature within the Nature here at Blue Maples.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Michael, RIP.  No doubt you are probably entertaining the Heavens!


  1. So excited for you Norma, I wish you success in every adventure in your beautiful forest. Will be following your blog all the way! Best of luck to you my friend!

  2. Thanks Lisa. You are my first comment on the Blog, and I am so pleased it is up and working, albeit I am still learning about the ins-and-outs of the Blogger application. Going off to a St, Paddy's day party tonite, and I will tip a green beer for you! Cheers,